Why Partner with Knowledge Factory?

Knowledge Factory was an idea that was waiting to see the light of day. It’s been in the works for a while and when three of us got together we were determined to bring it to life. The three of us are N Madhavan, Meena Vaidyanathan and myself along with our teams.

There are a dozen events mushrooming every single day across the metros and each event is like a new magazine or a start-up. But, we felt there was no event that had the prestige of a leadership summit and the charm of a lit fest which was easy to access, affordable and for a discerning few on a first come, first serve basis.

We hope Knowledge Factory will grow to become ‘the hangout’ for intelligent professionals to meet once a year and we hope to take it to the other metros in the future. A platform comprises of curators, content, participants and partners. Ours is no different.

In this blog I want to list a dozen reasons why and how companies and brands should partner with a cause like this –

Bulk Ticket Purchase –

A) This would be a great way to offer an incentive for employees to be at an event which stimulates the mind

B) The event is put together by working professionals who believe that there is a need for high quality platform                and events like these cost money to organise. The easiest way to support is by buying tickets in bulk

C) Youngsters today love to be seen at such platforms for the badge value it offers. If your brand deals with                       youngsters use these tickets to offer through contests

Sponsor –

D) Sponsorship for an event of this kind tends to be expensive but we operate like a non-profit and request                       that you contribute to support such a venture

E) It’s a cross between a Lit Fest, a Talk Show and a Leadership Summit – the 20 speakers make up a stellar                     line-up and would be great to be associated with

F) Influencers on social media are part of the event’s curation and speaker line-up. A tweet here or a post there                will go a long way in benefiting the brand

Content on Demand –

G) One will not only get to meet and hear interesting people who don’t speak usually because there are several                 hidden gems but the content will be available in future as podcasts and videos with brand integrations

H) Several journalists are supporting the event with their time as moderators. Even the chief curator is a                           senior journalist

I) Some of the topic are insightful and important to today’s business demands and needs and there certainly                    will be valuable takeaways

Other Reasons –

J) Such events are far and few. An association through partnership is always beneficial to both parties

K) Supporting the cause of knowledge by investing some resources will always be a good deal

L) This also doubles up as a general interest training so companies can tap those budgets


Authored by: Amith Prabhu

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