The Knowledge Factory : A teaser peek into speakers and topics!

India is now in the middle of a humongous demographic transition, united by a dream of progress but divided by individual priorities. What does it mean to be an agent of social change in such a context? Is there a way to be better educated about the whirlwind changes that are happening around us? What kind of lessons do we learn from the demonetization drive? Are traditional art forms even relevant in these times of mobile explosion and a technology overdrive? How critical is it to be aware about one’s constitutional rights?
We believe there is this young person out there who despite being overwhelmed by everything from pollution to a lack of cash to struggling with time to pursue hobbies has the fire in her to be a change agent. All this person wants is to be adequately informed without being talked down to.
We believe engaging with interesting and knowledgeable experts on critical areas who speak to them as fellow agents of change will create the “demographic dividend” that will help them be prepared to deal with serious governance issues to leading a fuller life even if it’s in the backdrop of petty politics and personal greed. And that journey of knowledge can itself be exciting and rewarding.
At Knowledge Factory, we will have engaging speakers who will share their views with an eclectic audience and aren’t afraid to be challenged, even though they are opinionated. A Knowledge Factory speaker isn’t necessarily the best known or the most popular, but will definitely be one who has a strong point of view on any said topic, be it related to sports, art, governance or even traffic control. And, a likely characteristic of a Knowledge Factory speaker is that she has a good sense of humour!
While we have thought of a bunch of topics to kick off the first edition of the Knowledge Factory in Delhi in Mar 2017, if you have an interesting topic in mind that will engage today’s agents of change, share it on the Knowledge Factory community page. If you have it in you to be a Knowledge Factory speaker or know of someone who has a point of view on an interesting topic that touches our everyday lives, get in touch with us- on email, Twitter or through our FB page. And do watch this space for updates on sessions for the Mar 10-11, 2017 Knowledge Factory edition in New Delhi. Let’s indulge in mind, mischief and more…

Authored by: Meena Vaidyanathan

Knowledge Factory

Knowledge Factory is a platform for young professionals to meet over a meaningful experience. It is an avenue for knowledge exchange through a fun and interesting way. The tagline Mind. Mischief. More. is about serious fun. It leaves a lot to imagination because the Factory is an open canvas. Much of what will happen over two days is open to interpretation.
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