Scholarship tickets: An affordable route to the Knowledge Factory

When you want to be a learner and you can’t afford the fees, there are scholarships, right?

Keen to attend The Knowledge Factory but not sure if you can afford it? Try going for special (and limited number) scholarship tickets that cost only Rs 1,000 per day against the rack rate of Rs 2,500 per day. There is a catch or two (there are always catches, but you know some are worth it — and not beyond your reach). Here are the conditions:

1) You must be between the age of 18 and 40 to qualify for scholarship tickets.

2) You are not entitled to the food on the house.

3) You need to apply with the following details: Name, Age, Gender, Educational qualifications, Profession, Day on which you wish to attend (both days will cost Rs 2000 on scholarship tickets) and 150 words on why you think you deserve the scholarship ticket with the subject line “Scholarship Ticket Application – KF 2017”

If our committee finds you a deserving candidate, you will be notified for registration by email.

Mail your applications to

Hurry! Time is short and seats are limited.


Authored by: Madhavan Narayanan (@madversity)

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