Knowledge Factory 101: A low-down on high thinking

We live in a raucous world where the buzz of static noise and the cacophony of high-pitched sounds drown out meaningful stuff. It is somewhat paradoxical that in a world that has hundreds of TV channels, thousands of websites and millions of social media users, we get more confused than enlightened. What Knowledge Factory hopes is to bring some entertaining sense of knowledge through events and talks that shape intelligent, socially and intellectually aware citizens.
Here’s why and how.
The world in general and India in particular are in ferment with increasingly affluent and keen citizens often strong in the professional/technocratic areas of their choice. But they lag in a larger awareness of the world around them, be it on public affairs, contemporary social issues, literature or the arts. Knowledge Factory aims to bring to such eager individuals keen to become well-rounded citizens interactive experiences that make it engaging to learn.
Think of it as attending lectures you might have liked to attend in a course you never enrolled in while in college. Or as a cross between a school that offers structured knowledge and an entertainment event. Or play it as an outing that makes you meet interesting people like in a party, but one where the speakers are deep and engaging.
We already have TED talks that offer lectures by experts and we have courses that teach people everything from technical skills to management secrets, but hardly any where you could learn about stuff that makes you interested and interesting without the burden of formality.
We expect Knowledge Factory to be differentiated from the increasingly popular but random talks in three ways.
Our events will involve lectures, panels, fireside chats, offline interactions, educative quizzes and entertainment slots that go beyond long monologues.
Our topics will mix contemporary affairs with long-term, big picture issues in a flexible format but structured in a way that seems like learning about a range of topics. This is not just a movers and shakers hangout.
Our speakers may not be official experts but may often be passionate enthusiasts who can stimulate minds and get their points across.
We would like to think of us as a “Coke Studio of Knowledge” — in finding “indie” voices that stretch the frontiers of knowledge or bring deeper experiences to those weaned on pop noises.
In the first of our initiatives, we plan to host a festival on March 10 and 11, 2017 at the Taj Ambassador in New Delhi. The two-day event should offer food for both palate and the thought to attendees in a springtime weekend outing. Eventually, we plan to have “light” versions of the kind of experiences we bring.
We expect progressive corporate sponsors who believe in an enlightened society to join us in this mission and participants who believe that a weekend spent in a knowledge festival is probably more engaging than devouring average movies with overpriced popcorn at a multiplex. After all, the knowledge stays with you, and so do the memories.
We expect support from various quarters in this venture and would be glad to hear from you — whether you are a sponsor keen to engage with thought leaders; a brand that loves to be where influential minds are; a partner offering a service that makes the experience richer; an enthusiast who offers suggestions for sessions, topics, speakers or formats; a volunteer who wants to spread the word ; or simply an attendee who would like to be there.
Do write in to us at:
We would love to hear from you. And wish us luck. We could do with lots.

Authored by: Madhavan Narayanan

Knowledge Factory

Knowledge Factory is a platform for young professionals to meet over a meaningful experience. It is an avenue for knowledge exchange through a fun and interesting way. The tagline Mind. Mischief. More. is about serious fun. It leaves a lot to imagination because the Factory is an open canvas. Much of what will happen over two days is open to interpretation.
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